Friday, January 20, 2017

HOMEWORK @ 20 January 2017

Things to do - Homework 
[the time given serves as a guide in your time management]

To be completed and submitted by Wednesday, 25 January 2017 (in class)
  • Assignment 1.1 [30-45 min]
    • Complete the questions on the handout (please go to S1-07 google site to access the Assignment, print it on double page if possible and attempt)
  • Workbook 1 (p6) Q26 [15 min]
    • To be done on writing paper, staple behind Assignment 1.1
    • Copy question before you attempt to answer with complete working.
    • Show complete working,
    • Use black or dark blue pen only as required in National Exam.
    • Presentation must be neat and writing legible please.

To be completed online by Wednesday, 25 January 2017 (followup from class activities)
[the activities have been done in class especially through the online work done in this Blog, time to consolidate your learning and understanding by attempting the following. Pace your self from now until next Wednesday. Remember failure to plan is planning for failure]
  • NUMBER SYSTEM (CUBE ROOT) - from Math Blog [15 min]
    • Complete this online activity by posting your responses.
  • NUMBER SYSTEM (HCF) - from Math Blog [20 min]
    • Copy the question and attempt the question in your NOTEBOOK.
  • Math Notes: Lesson 3: Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple 
    • As a form of Revision
    • Complete p2-p5 on your notes. Tier C is optional [20 min]
  • Math Notes: Lesson 4: Squares and Square Roots, Cube and Cube Roots.
    • As a form of Revision
    • Complete p1-p5 on you notes. [20 min]