Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Things to do - Homework 
[the time given serves as a guide in your time management]

All to be completed online and by 9 February 2017 (Thursday), 2359

1. Google classroom : Real Numbers 3 Questions from workbook


  • Math Notebook: Kudos to 10 students for scoring A in the first notebook check.  This shows great commitment, dedication and pride in your work. The others still have room for improvement and please work towards it. 
  • 4 students have forgotten to submit your notebook please remember to bring along your notebook for the next lesson on Wednesday.

Update: AA1

This is to confirm that:

  • The duration of the video clip is capped at 5 min. Any content presented beyond the first 5-min will not be marked
  • Remember to acknowledge the resources in the last slide
  • Punctuality is important.  Technical issues such as difficulty to upload file due to unavailability of wifi should be addressed before the deadline.
  • Late submission (within 1 week): 50% of the marks attained.
  • The entire AA1 constitutes to 10% of the overall assessment.

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