Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rate, Ration & Percentage (SDL)



The ACE Learning (click HERE) has been activated for Chapter 3 on Rate, Ratio & Percentage.
This is a review of past knowledge and is a self directed series of activity.
Proposed learning:

  • Stage 1: Go to ACE Learning and browse through the course that you intend to cover.
  • Stage 2: Go through the lesson note (video) and activities if need be to study and check on your understanding
  • Stage 3: Attempt the MCQ Quiz set by the teacher.
  • Stage 4: Review your results and check on your errors if need be either you go through the lesson again or seek clarification from me.

The lesson package (manage your own learning and time)

series of tasks to be completed 
(pace your self - do not have to finish in one day, understanding the process is key)
SDL (Self Directed Learning)

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