Friday, March 24, 2017

Khan Academmy

Khan academy

Congratulation for those who have embarked on this journey.

Use this on-line platform for the following:
.1 building competency especially in Arithmetic and Algebra
.2 Self directed learning - you may watch the video countless times for greater scrutiny, practice the questions etc
.3 Do not just focus on the elementary, loom at the tougher questions.
.4 Use this to supplement your learning and understanding in school.

I suggest you focus MORE on algebra especially expansion and factorisation. Then you may progress to equation and word problems.

Topic on Factorisation - do a search to be led into this page.

Scorer so Far

HOMEWORK @ 24 March 2017

Things to do - Homework 
[the time given serves as a guide in your time management]

Activity: Algebra (24 February)

1. Complete the Unit 4: Algebra  (assigned in Term 1 Week 9)
    due  31 March 2017 (Friday)           
  • This was given before the March holiday and you have been tasked to complete the e-note especially the ones highlighted in yellow.
  • Complete the assignments / practices in your NOTEBOOK.
  • [25 minutes] to review work given before the March holiday and highlight any difficulties encountered to teacher via email or face to face.
2. ACE LEARNING activities 
    due  29 March 2017 (Wednesday)        
Part 1: Factorisation by Grouping
Go to Secondary 2 Express - then - Algebra - then - Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions - then - Factorisation by Grouping as shown and complete the next 2 questions in your NOTEBOOK.

Part 2: Factorisation by Cross Method
Go to Secondary 2 Express - then - Algebra - then - Quadratic Equations and Graphs - then - Factorisation of Quadratic Expressions
focus on the Cross method

go through the concept and attempt the ACE Learning Quiz given to you.
Duration [1-1.5 hours pending intensity of practise]

3. Level Test Paper
    due  27 March 2017 (Monday)        
Please complete your correction and the additional piece on Self Assessment.
Ask your parents to acknowledge and sign the paper.
Return the paper to me on THURSDAY, 30 March 2017.

4. Mathematics Topical Check / Quiz
    due  27 March 2017 (Monday)        
A one-page quiz has been given on Friday. Topic is on Algebra - Expansion.
Suggest you revise before attempting the paper on your own. If possible do time trial. It should not take you more than 30 Minutes. 
Return it on MONDAY. 27 March 2017. 
Marks will be recorded and non submission will be given 0 and a separate test.
Duration [ 30 minutes max]

5. Assignment 4.4 and 4.6
    due  29 March 2017 (Wednesday)        
Review the corrections for the above assignments that were returned on Friday.
Assignment 4.4
Students must Redo the entire assignment if you score less than 60%

Assignment 4.6
students must attempt second page of assignment and show complete working according to the ACE Learning.

Start filing your work - due for checking in April.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

S1-07 Mathematics Challenge! (via Khan Academy)

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying your holiday.

I have set a challenge for the class. You task is to get as may points as possible for this challenge and you will reap the well deserved outcome for that (this is a surprise!).

Step 1
Accept the invitation to join Khan Academy. You have been assigned a class S1-07.

Step 2
Topics to focus on for the Challenge at the moment.

Embark on your Algebra challenge
there will be 3 components

Step 3
Start will the basic - you may watch the video and attempt the simple questions first.
Progress to the practice once you are more familiar.
Step 4
Every time you practice points will be awarded and I will be given a copy of your activities.
I will also be able to access topics that you find to be a challenge and assist you accordingly.
You may proceed or expedite your learning if you have mastered the topic eg find it very easy and would like to move to the next stage.

The Challenge Begins!