Tuesday, March 14, 2017

S1-07 Mathematics Challenge! (via Khan Academy)

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying your holiday.

I have set a challenge for the class. You task is to get as may points as possible for this challenge and you will reap the well deserved outcome for that (this is a surprise!).

Step 1
Accept the invitation to join Khan Academy. You have been assigned a class S1-07.

Step 2
Topics to focus on for the Challenge at the moment.

Embark on your Algebra challenge
there will be 3 components

Step 3
Start will the basic - you may watch the video and attempt the simple questions first.
Progress to the practice once you are more familiar.
Step 4
Every time you practice points will be awarded and I will be given a copy of your activities.
I will also be able to access topics that you find to be a challenge and assist you accordingly.
You may proceed or expedite your learning if you have mastered the topic eg find it very easy and would like to move to the next stage.

The Challenge Begins!

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