Saturday, August 26, 2017

6 AM Quiz: It's an equation? It's a line? It's Algebra!

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Friday, August 25, 2017

[Homework] 25 Aug: Basic Geometry & Mensuration (preparation)

Dear S1-07

(1) Basic Geometry
This morning, we conclusion "Basic Geometry" with discussions on Assignment 1 & Assignment 2, wit the online quizzes.

Assignment 1: Please review the angle properties you have in the handout.
Assignment 2: Complete the worksheet

Hand-in Assignments 1 & 2 on MONDAY (28 August 2017)

On Monday, you will be given a short quiz on Angle Properties (5 min)

(2) Mensuration
You were given the set of hand-outs for the Mensuration (Area and Perimeter of Planes).
Go through the handouts before the lesson.
You may watch the video clips in the post to help you understand how the formulae (area of parallelogram and trapezium) are derived, based on what you already know.

Attempt the riddle in the post, [Homework] Polygons: Who am I?
and the warm-up exercise, What's the Relationship?

Preparation for next week's lesson



You may take your time to read/ watch how the problems are solved. Complete this before Term 4 starts.

Watch the following examples. Each comes with a question and the explanation on how to solve the problem.
1. Pause the question. Read the diagram carefully and think what formula would help you to solve for the unknown.
2. Think how you would solve the problem - you may need to write down an equation in order to solve for the unknown.
3. Next, continue to watch the clip and listen to the explanation. Is this similar to what you have thought of? Look out for the presentation of the working.


[Discussion] Which Property Applies?

Let's refer to Assignments 1 & 2, and study the working provided.
Are you able to identify the relevant angle properties to explain the working?
Follow-up from Discussion:
Complete Assignments 1 & 2: To be submitted on 25 August 2017 (Friday)

[Homework] Polygons: Who am I?

Complete this piece of work before Monday's lesson.
We shall discuss the answers.

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2017 (S1-07) Warming-up - What's the Relationship?

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Basic Geometry: How to present our working clearly?

Suggested Presentation: 
  • Step-by-step working
  • At any one time, only one angle property to be cited
  • Lines may be extended or additional lines may be added, if necessary
  • Other angles (that are not labelled) can be labelled you need to make reference to them along the way (as part of the working).

You may label the angles and indicate the angle properties in the diagram. However, this must be clearly written.

However, you must not combine steps when presenting your working!
(although some of you process the steps very quickly)

When presenting your working in writing:
You must not cite more than one angle property for a single step.
You need to break down the steps, write the working clearly with any relevant angle property, if applicable.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Recap: Names of different types of Angles

Basic Geometry: Talking about Dimensions!

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[Homework] 21 Aug: Basic Geometry

Part (I) Attempt the following in the Google Classroom by Monday (21 August 2017)

Part (II) Attempt the following via the GoogleForm by Wednesday (23 August 2017)

Click HERE to access (2017 S1-07) Warming Up Question: Geometry (1)
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Click HERE to access (2017 S1-07) Warming Up Question: Geometry (2)
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Optional: Challenging Questions

You may email a clear photo of your complete solution of the challenging question to me ( by end of today (21 August 2017).

Remember to include clearly the Group Number.
Your responses will contribute to your group points.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

6 AM Quiz: Squeeze squeeze... what's your size?

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