Assessment Matters

Alternative Assessment (Term 1 Week 5-6)
Viva Voce (Oral Assessment)

Practice will take place in Term 1 Week 4.
More information on the alternative assessment will be given after the Practice.

Level Test 1 (Term 1 Week 9)

(extracted from GoogleSite on 20 Jan 2017)Level Test 1 information

(extracted from GoogleSite on 20 Jan 2017)
Date: 2 March 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 0745-0845

Click HERE to see schedule of Level Test 1 in school website
Dear students,

Please refer to the information below carefully. You may find this information on the GoogleSite.

Date: TBA
Duration: 1 hour
Score: 40 marks
Format: Paper 1

The following topics will be examined.
- Primes, HCF & LCM
- Real Numbers
- Approximation & Estimation

Please bring the following resources on the day of examination.
- Stationery
- Calculator (affixed with SST sticker)

- No extra time will be given.
- Attempt all questions.
- Calculator is allowed unless specified in questions.

The above information has been emailed to all students. Refer to Mr Peh's email.

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